Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pasta letter hunt

Finding novel ways to keep letter knowledge interesting for children isn't hard if you put yourself among certain people, or use the Internet!  I used to work for an agency that required me to be inside many different child care centers, and I saw teachers doing amazing things with children.  One of my favorite things I saw helps with letter recognition, focus, and fine motor skills, or as I like to say, exercising your writing fingersit's a pasta letter hunt, an easy set up for a child to explore.

A cookie sheet or dark colored tray,  tweezers, and letter shaped pasta is all you need (if you don't have anything dark you can line it with dark paper).  I get my letter pasta from a grocery chain called Publix, it is their house brand pasta.  Depending on your child's knowledge, personality, and patience, you may want to add a few things...

  • Containers to put found letters into
  • A magnifying glass
  • Larger examples of the letters they are hunting for as a visual reminder
  • An object with the beginning sound of the letter as a visual reminder  

There are different ways to approach a letter hunt...
  • Set a numbered goal.  Can you find 10 R's?
  • Set a timed goal.  How many B's can you find in five minutes?
  • Show them a lower case letter and have them find the upper case version.
  • Find all the letters in their name, or other favorite word.

Twenty-six letters to learn, and one more way to play with them!

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