Friday, August 10, 2012

From Overparenting to the Key to Adult Happiness

Disharmony in the Land of Nod  A very interesting result of a study done on babies and the effects of conflict on their brains while they sleep.  I'm not sure how I feel about the writer describing the results as "abnormal" activity of the brain.  Isn't some arguing and conflict healthy?  I feel better after clearing the air with someone.  I don't think it's possible for everything to be "sunshine and rainbows" in our conversations.  Teaching children that it's okay to feel angry, which might include some yelling on their part, is a part of recognizing and understanding their emotions.  So how do we expect ourselves to not raise our voices?  I love hearing new discoveries about how our brains work, but I would like to see some other measurable data on the amount of "discord" that caused "abnormal" activity.

Welcome to the Age of Overparenting  Do we spend time with our children a little too much?  I'm all for spending quality time with my boys but I can identify with this writer when she mentions her son asking her to leave him alone.  I can tell when my son just needs some alone time when he gets a certain tone in his voice that says, "I'm getting a little sick and tired of hanging out with you right now."  Then he goes in his room and closes himself and the dog up inside to play with Legos, or he asks the neighbor kids to play "secret agents" outside.  Leaving our kids alone will give them a chance to try out the things we've been teaching them, on their own.  I know my older son won't do things sometimes just because I'm hovering, I have to pretend to not notice.  I understand the feeling of wanting to be with my children, for them to have wonderful memories of their childhood, but I'm about moderation, and I need me time too.

Early Relationships, Not Brainpower, Key to Adult Happiness  This article from Science Daily is why I feel teaching social skills is so important.  The ability to make friends, cooperate, understand feelings, and how to handle them appropriately are survival skills in school.  I remember going to school, excited to be with my friends.  Work was more enjoyable and made me happy to go to because of the positive relationships I had with my co-workers.  Think about exciting things that have happened to you, did you share it with someone?  Would it have been as enjoyable without them?  I know if I didn't have my friends and family to share my life with, be it positive or negative, things wouldn't be as enjoyable...which I owe to the positive relationships I have with them.  

Encouraging Parents to be a Big Voice for Little Kids  From the Zero to Three Network, a great article on ways you can be an advocate for young children regarding public policy issues.  It is written towards those who take care of other people's children, but still great information for parents who want to make sure our youngest are spoken for.  An easy read, and easier than you think to get started!

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