Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There isn't a day that goes by when I don't see my boys copying something from their environment; gestures, words, actions, print, the good and the bad!  Children are great copycats.  One thing we often look forward to as parents and teachers are the first scribbles that represent a familiar symbol or figure; such as a few letters, or a circle in the middle of a page with legs, no arms, and two dots for eyes that they feel has a striking resemblance to mommy.

I was excited to see familiar symbols appear on my five year old son's drawings and paintings when he was younger, but I was just as excited to see him copy structures in 3D form with blocks and other objects.

A recent construction, his interpretation of a church. 

As a way to encourage and challenge his building skills I checked out some books from the library that contain many pictures of various structures; castles, skyscrapers, bridges, etc.  The books are being used as an invitation to build, learn more about balance, geometric concepts, and new vocabulary words; like foundation and symmetry.

I plan on offering different types of blocks while we have the books; wooden, Lego, cardboard, and other random materials.  Pictures of local and familiar buildings to children are great prompts and can encourage a child to add more details to their building because of its familiarity.


I can't wait to see my son's interpretations of these structures and plan on challenging myself as well.  What kind of structures has your child impressed you with lately?

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  1. Great idea! My son has been getting really good at copying block structures from 2D drawings or photos...I think he'd enjoy this!

  2. This is such as great idea and really adds that extra something to the usual brick play- going to pin this now!

  3. Neat idea! We have the same set of blocks, I'll have to try this with my girls. I think they'd enjoy shaking up the block routine a bit :)

  4. great post! we set up a whole wall of building/structure photos by our block area as a provocation. looking deeply at the pictures, then building 3-D, then we encouraged the kids to draw & photograph their structures. <3


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