Friday, April 19, 2013

My wish... (A reaction to the Boston Marathon Tragedy)

I hate that at the young age of five my son has heard so much about the evil in this world.  I don't try to keep my children in a bubble, but it can be difficult for a child to not over hear, or hear it from others in some form.  Like many other parents, I just try to keep the information honest but age appropriate.

It saddens me that such innocence knows about things he cannot fully grasp.  I want my son to know that the good in this world can have great impacts as well, that not everyone is so hateful toward others.  I can only emphasize that by leading by example.

My wish is that we don't forget the power we have as individuals and stay positive, lead by example for our children and show the impact we can have by spreading good.

You have probably seen the famous quote regarding children and tragic events from Fred Rogers a lot this week, and during the awful events of the Sandy Hook shooting.  If you need more information, The Fred Rogers Company is a great resource.

Stay positive....

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