Thursday, January 23, 2014

Toddler Math...It's That Easy

The opportunity of dumping and filling various sized containers with objects is math in very simple form.  Estimating, counting, and number recognition are supported by this type of hands on play.  A child needs to experience real life, and real objects before fully understanding the meaning behind numerical symbols.

The language you provide during this play is equally as easy, and important.  Measuring words, and adjectives that can also apply to math concepts are great words to use; full, heavy, big, small, more, long, etc.

My toddler and I went on a bit of a treasure hunt the other day in the sand, and some of the conversation went a little like this....

Dump and fill activity is hugely common at this stage of childhood.  Children are figuring out how things fit, and IF they can make it happen again; it's practice without the worksheets!  Pretend play scenarios work great with dump and fill play; grocery shopping, finding and burying treasure, dinosaur digs, fishing, etc.  The beauty is that you can use any objects you feel your toddler can use safely.  Add containers of various shape and size, and you have foundations for's THAT easy!

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  1. Love that smile! He's having a good time and learning too!

  2. I love this idea and think it would transfer easily to preschoolers or even older. Hands-on learning is so great!!!

    1. Definitely Amy! Hands-on all the way! I'm still hands-on at 33! :)

  3. My little guy loves games like this, thanks for the great suggestions!


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