Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Not A Box" Drawing Inspiration

Inspiration can be drawn from very simple beginnings.  A song, an animal, a book, a box.  We've been hooked on the simplicity of the famous children's book, Not A Box.  A book based on the humble box's inspiration to play, a book that inspires us to play, and a book that inspired us to draw our own "not a box."

We usually keep a small table covered with blank paper for when the mood strikes to sketch and scribble.  When I changed the paper to swap out old drawings, I drew a box on it.  My six year old came home from school later that day and began doodling on the fresh paper, but wouldn't reveal his plans for the box to me.

I want to expand my son's out of the box thinking for future drawing prompts, so I came up with a list of ideas to get him there, using the box as the starter.....

1.  Draw a large box that takes up the whole paper, or a really tiny one the size of a button.  Play around with different sizes!

2.  Draw the "not a box" at a different/odd angle or position on the paper, sidewalk, canvas, or other surface.

3.  Make it collaborative and have the kids take turns adding to the drawing.

4.  Make it 3D and offer materials like small pieces of cardboard, scrap paper, or bottle caps.

5.  Use a real box to draw on!

My son did eventually point out that his "not a box" was a present that was torn open.  I'm really starting to admire the perspective in his drawings.

We love the inspiration behind the box, and the book that celebrates it!  I hope you are inspired to draw your own "not a box" as well!

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  1. We love "Not A Box" too! What fun to add an art challenge to it too!


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