Friday, September 12, 2014

Building A World

Every now and then I am tempted to buy one of those "cool" play sets with the bright colors, the moving parts, the loud sound effects, and the large amount of floor space they take up.  My boys love to try them out in the aisle of the toy store; turning cranks, spinning wheels, and making battery operated noises that repeat over and over.

Then I remember why I don't buy them...

I don't buy them because there is an alien waiting to go down a slide into an unknown land on the back porch.

I don't buy them because there is a catapult sitting on a castle wall filled with Lego bricks, waiting to be launched into a box in the play room.

I don't buy them because the tallest bed that can turn into a house for baby animals is being built on the table.

I don't buy them because there is a tree house haunted by ghosts near one of our windows.

I don't buy them because we can create our own play scenes from our imagination.
We can change them,
add onto them,
knock them down,
start them over,
make them better,
make them different,
make them our own.

My boys are building a world they see through their eyes,
a world they are trying to make sense of,
a world they are trying to understand,
a world they are learning from.

What kind of worlds do your children love to build and create?

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