Thursday, January 1, 2015

Play Happens

Children are unpredictable in many ways; they make me reflect on what I see and do, they teach ME when I think I'm the one doing the teaching, they push boundaries, they do strange things, they learn quickly, they surprise me EVERY DAY.  I tell myself I shouldn't be surprised, but then they go and "do it again!"

I was getting myself ready the other morning, when my younger son hopped into the empty bathtub with a matchbox car.  He started rolling the car across the oval shaped bottom, and watched as it careened up the side of the bathtub walls with every forceful push.  Not much later, my older son found out what he was doing, and hopped into the tub with a car of his own.  

A road rally had formed, complete with flying car stunts... in my bathtub.  They raced, and laughed, and challenged each other, and discovered many tricks they didn't know their cars could do on such a surface.  Physics was being taught in my bathtub.  It happened.... PLAY HAPPENED.

My kids play every day, but what surprises me is the manner in which it happens sometimes.  Whether it's unexpected, makes you laugh out loud, or occurs in a strange setting, play happens EVERYWHERE.

So I'm starting the hashtag #PLAYHAPPENS on Instagram, in hopes that you share photos of play happening in your life.  I am inspired by others all the time, and love when people share to motivate, inspire, or create a good laugh, as well.  

I hope to see your photos there!  Where does your child's play happen?

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