Monday, March 26, 2012

Egg-ceptional painting

We have a large sliding glass door at our house that leads to our back patio.  It's a wonderful view of the pool and the wooded conservation lot in our backyard, except for all the finger smudges from some little boy, and nose prints from the squirrel spying dog!  I try to keep its cleanliness under control without driving myself crazy when I saw the potential it had that I'd been missing, what a great blank canvas!

We used washable tempera paint, mixing our primary colors to make additional hues of orange and purple.  I showed Aidan how we could also make the colors lighter by adding white paint.  For obvious reasons this time of year, we painted eggs on our window.  I randomly painted ovals across the whole door and Aidan began decorating the "eggs," filling them in with color, then adding stripes and polka dots.

Patterns emerged and fine motor skills were honed as he painted for 40 minutes with different sized brushes.  The feel of the paint brush against the glass almost had a calming effect because I couldn't resist adding the Easter bunny and some grass that Aidan helped me fill in.  I have a feeling we'll be using this surface more often!  Do you have an underutilized space that could be filled with a child's imagination?

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  1. What a fun activity! My son and I will have to try decorating our sliding glass doors like this. The mural is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by famiglia&seoul to enter our giveaway. So glad I found your blog! :)


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