Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretending to Read = Learning to Read

Did you know that pretending to read is an important step in learning to read?
  • It exercises the skill of recall when a child tells the order of or remembers a story that's been read to them.
  • It builds language and critical thinking skills when they use pictures as a guide to guess what's happening, or why something is happening in a story.
  • The "act" of reading is a great confidence builder in the process of learning to decipher words because...
Children must believe they can read before they actually do read!
I've seen children as young as one, flipping pages in a book while talking and babbling to themselves, to dolls, or to stuffed animals.  I've seen preschoolers and kindergartners who love to play "teacher," and will pretend to read to their classmates and siblings.  Babies can even benefit from this literacy play.

My older son loves to hold and talk to his new little brother.  I like to have my baby nearby when I read to my older son so he can benefit from the language that happens while reading.

And when my four-year-old gets the chance to hold the baby, I've noticed a good opportunity to read to them both.  Then I encourage him to read to the baby.  My four-year-old prefers to use simple picture books or stories that he knows well because we've read them so many times.  Either way, as you can see, they both enjoy a good story!

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  1. I love the pictures, Heather! I think you have such a great point.

    1. Thanks! I was surprised at how well the pics turned out!

  2. Approximation is how we learn, we try and try and get closer each time until we know how. We accept baby talk as an approximation of speech, and, you are right, pretending to read (and write) are also very important steps towards literacy. Your photos are priceless! Carolyn

  3. Such beautiful boys :) My daughter loves to read to her stuffed animals and baby dolls, will have to see if she will read to our little one too
    Thanks for sharing on this weeks Kid's Co-op :)

  4. These photos are simply adorable and I love your message! I'm so happy to have discovered your site through the KBN.

  5. Adorable children. And what a great big brother!

  6. Hi again Little Moments to Embrace! I'll be featuring this on tomorrow's linky party post. Check it out and grab a button! :)

  7. Thanks for linking up! I featured your idea on my link up recap post.


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