Sunday, May 13, 2012

Words I'll never forget

Quiet moments in the car do not come around often with a crying baby, and a chatty four year old riding along.  But when they do, every minute, whether its two or ten, is enjoyed, because there is no bathroom to escape to for a moment alone in the car.  On one blissful ride though, I have no idea why, I thought it was too quiet. 
Me:  "You're very quiet today buddy."
Aidan:  "Yeah."
Me:  "What are you thinking about back there?"
Aidan:  "How will I find a girl to live with when I get older?"

Now this topic may sound a little mature for a four year old, but my husband and I had just been teasing Aidan a couple of days prior, about how he wouldn't want to live with mommy and daddy once he was grown.  He didn't believe it, and said that he would always live with me, of course!  I proceeded to explain, at a four year old level, one of the most complex aspects of our lives, love.

Me:  "When you get older, you will meet and talk to a lot of girls.  Daddy and I did not always live together.  When we met we talked a lot.  We did fun things together, and we knew we loved each other before we decided we wanted to live together.  You might get to know some girls really well because you like to do the same things, or you might hang out a lot.  You will know who you want to live with some day when you find a girl you know really well, and you will probably like to do some of the same things.  It's important that a girl is nice to you, and other people, and that you are nice to her.  You will know if you love her and she loves you before you decide to live together."

I will never forget the words that came out of his mouth after my best jumbled attempt at explaining how we come to be with the ones we love.

Aidan:  "But mom, there are no other girls like you!"

I was speechless, I cried a little, and I was very thankful that I thought it was too quiet that day!


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