Saturday, July 28, 2012

From Altered Brains to Babies Understanding Speech

A distracting week and a day late, here are my weekly reads.  As much as I love to read, I didn't do a lot of it this week.  Nevertheless, enjoy these studies of babies and brains!

The Lasting Effects of Neglect: Altered Brain Structure in Children  Just like a physical injury, the brain will work differently with a social "injury."  Depriving any part of our senses and abilities, effects the way our brains tell our bodies to do their job.  Try to go a whole day without touching another member of your family.  It's very difficult.  Can you imagine that neglect consistently?  How would that make you feel?

For Babies, Speech Conveys More Than Just The Obvious  I'm amazed at what we're always learning about babies.  As much as they need to learn, I've always felt they understood more than we realize.  My older son is always telling me, "He doesn't know what that is mom."  I always tell him "He'll never know if I don't talk about it.  The more he hears it, the sooner he will know!"  

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