Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sibling Love Sunday: The Super Hero

Aidan loves being a big brother.  He's a great helper when it comes it caring for Devin.  I think if Devin could talk he would say Aidan is like a super hero, always there when he needs a toy, his pacifier, or someone to make him laugh.

I made Aidan's super hero cape and mask out of one of my husband's old t-shirts.  No sewing required!  If you want to make your own, check out this easy tutorial at Cheerios and Lattes.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this photo! I've been focused on celebrating siblings, brothers specifically, lately. This photo is right on target.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I stumbled on the quote a while back. When I found the directions for making the capes, because I don't sew, I knew I had a great idea for a photo of them together.

  2. Love this! What a priceless pic! So glad you tried the no-sew capes; also excited to meet another 'no-sew' mom! ;) SOOO cute!
    Mackenzie :)


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