Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Was A Kid Once Too

Many people say having children gives them the chance to experience their own childhood again.  I have re-lived many memories when I play with my boys; Lego building for hours, hiding out in homemade forts, and getting cozy with a blanket and a favorite book are just a few.  Before children, I didn't play much as an adult.  The best way I thought I could look back and remember my childhood was through old photos.

Even at the ripe old age of five, Aidan loves looking at baby pictures of himself and listening to the stories behind them.  He often wonders about life before he was born too, astonished to find out his father and I did things without him before he existed.  At his age he has a hard time believing his parents were kids once.  We tell him all kinds of stories about what we loved to do when we were little, and our old childhood photos generate more conversation on the topic.  They are the concrete evidence to a past he's never experienced but wants to understand.

We look through our photos together occasionally.  I reminisce while he listens and asks questions about my life when I was a little girl.  He sees why people tell him that he looks just like his dad, he's gained a better understanding of how our family was built (that we have a mommy and daddy too), and it's a connection to a part of me that he can identify with.

Sharing those moments of my life isn't just "another thing to do" with my son, it reminds me that I was a kid once too; something I try to keep in mind when little hands are tugging at me to come play.

What helps remind you that you were a kid once too?

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