Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let Them Have Pie...dough!

With all the baking that goes on at our house around the holidays there are extra opportunities for Aidan to join in and learn something.  There are no shortages of sensory experiences in the kitchen for him, but sometimes I need to work quicker than little helping hands go and an alternative is needed.

One of my favorite baked goods is pie, and I love making the dough from scratch.  While I was busy whipping up dessert for Thanksgiving, I saved the extra trimmings from the pie dough crusts for Aidan.  I simply added a rolling pin, flour, a fork, and some letter stamps for him.

I use the recipe above.  Leftover pre-made refrigerated or frozen crust works just as well of course!

Additional ideas for pretend play...
  • A variety of kitchen utensils to cut out shapes or make imprints
  • Scissors for cutting practice
  • Old pie tins and empty seasoning containers
Still want to use the leftovers?
  • Cut out decorative shapes and let your child top the pies with them
  • Try making mini pie pops from the Salt Tree with the leftovers for an extra treat!

As you make your holiday pies, set the extra dough aside for the kids.  Leftovers can be just as good!

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  1. Love it! Found you through Kids Co-Op!

  2. what a great idea to give him some to play with while you're baking! Thanks for sharing this simple, yet awesome activity on the Sunday Showcase last week!

  3. I remember playing with pie dough when my mom and Nana were baking! I love this post!

    1. Similar materials seem to make kids feel more included in the process even when they technically are not, or can't be for some reason.


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