Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mobile Babies Can Be "Ruff"

I'm a big believer in letting babies play on the floor.  Bouncy seats, swings, jumpers, and exer-saucers can easily become overused.  Being contained in one spot too long doesn't aide a baby in their physical development.  Giving a baby the freedom to move their limbs in a way that is comfortable for them in a safe spot can help them gauge their limits, and is the most natural way to get them moving.  This also requires even more attention to their activities, of which I am in the midst of with my seven month old.

Devin has been rolling and pivoting his body around the house to explore corners he's never seen before.  I've been on high alert for items he should not have within his reach as we transition to this new stage.  I try to observe life from his view occasionally so I don't miss something that would be unsafe for him to get a hold of.  He keeps me on my toes as I move certain items off the floor or away from him, which include our beloved dog's toys.  It's not always easy keeping them from Devin while letting the dog still have the opportunity to play.  Dog toys squeak, rattle, and have pretty colors on them, looks like another fun toy to a baby!

I was sitting on the couch one evening watching him play on the floor while trying to read a book at the same time.  The dog was happily walking around playing with a few of her toys.  Dogs don't know how to clean up of course; they just drop their toys where they please!  

I looked up at one point to see Devin had rolled closer to me.  He was slobbering and chewing away on one of the dog's toys.  Eeewww!  I snatched it away and tried to wipe his mouth with a tissue as he screamed at me for taking away his favorite new object.  I knew wiping his mouth wouldn't undo what had happened, but I felt the need to do something to make me feel better, and stop myself from gagging.  

The very next evening my husband and I were sitting in the living room after dinner watching a television show.  I walked into another room to do something, and when I returned Devin was babbling at a dog toy he had in his grip, he gummed it, talked to it again, then popped it back in his mouth.  Ick, ick, ick!

I'm not perfect, but I still believe a baby needs to play on the floor...and I'm looking for a gated play yard to purchase before he discovers the dog food bowl in the kitchen!

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  1. Hehehe nice one.
    I remember when my youngest was about 9 months old, he was eating a biscuit at the back door. He held it out to our dog who had a gentle lick, and then he put it back in his mouth! I thought I was going to pass out. I didn't, and he survived, so now it's just a funny story :)
    My youngest now is 8 months and getting into everything, and even when your house is safe, they still find trouble! This week, she fell and cut her head on the entertainment unit (I cried, she's fine) AND she dropped a puzzle that landed on the wrong angle on her toe, cutting and bruising it (I cried, she's fine).
    But yes, I completely agree about the playing on the floor biz. Best thing for them!

    1. Oh boy, an entirely different subject...accidents!

  2. Oh, I so remember those days! Happily we had an apartment with an upstairs and a downstairs (and secure baby gates). But one time my son crawled into the kitchen and before I knew it he stuck his hand in the cat box and... that was the last time he was allowed in the kitchen. He's 8 now. (And he's allowed in the kitchen again.) Phew!

    1. I'm so thankful I don't have a cat for that reason!

  3. Ah yes, this happens quite often in our house. My son is crawling and loves, loves, LOVES the dog food and water dishes. As for the toys, sometimes I just have to throw my hands up and say, oh well. Chew on what you want to chew on.

    1. I can't imagine it tastes good, but it obviously doesn't bother him! ;)

  4. Haha, it is amazing how fast they find the very thing they are not meant to have.


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