Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Social Sensory Play

Do you have a place where all your children naturally gather and play together?  Do you have a place where they tend to socialize the most?  Ours is the sensory table.  It's not just my boys that play and socialize there, but most of the kids on our street, or any friend of my six year old son that comes over to play.  Even the older children, as well as me, get drawn into the open ended play sensory materials allow.  Lately, we've been making ice cream treats with moon sand and colorful wooden beads.

The children come to see if there's something new to dig their hands into.

They come to see what has already been made.  They come to see what they can contribute.  They try to create something new and different.  They collaborate on bigger ideas of what to do with the materials.  They help younger ones with their creations.  

They come to see their friends, they come to play.  Sensory material is magical that way!

Do you find that sensory tables and tubs do the same at your home or school?  I find it to be the "kitchen" of playrooms, everyone tends to gather there to dig into what ever we happen to have that day.  Share your children's favorite place to gather!

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